S.O.S. (Students Offering Support)

S.O.S. (Students Offering Support) is an award-winning Peer Leadership Program, serving Carlmont High School for the last 20 years. The program was developed by Carlmont’s Mental Health Specialist, Shelley Bustamante. 

S.O.S. offers a variety of services including peer counseling, group support, conflict mediation, and student-led educational presentations. Students are made aware of some of the issues that may present as a challenge during their high school experience. 

Examples of a few of the topics addressed include academic stress, social relationships, self-image, substance abuse, divorce, grief, and anxiety. During the Freshmen Life Skills Classes, The Core Leaders of S.O.S. provide the most current and relevant information on these topics as well as strategies to cope and build resilience.  

The S.O.S. leaders are trained to especially support the freshmen during their transition into high school. S.O.S. leaders have been asked to present at local high schools and middle schools locally and statewide. 

For questions about this important program, please contact Shelley Bustamante MFT at: (650)722-9762 or sbustamante@seq.org.